My core expertise is taking the mind-boggling mess and steering the process toward a neat, understandable solution that can be followed by anyone; creating sustainable systems that encourage team health and reliability. I have a consultant’s eye and a star employee’s love of teamwork and stability. I specialize in creative paths to “yes” while maintaining operational security.


Technical Services Manager - Clover Health - January 2017-Present
As Technical Services Manager, my goals are to facilitate communication and collaboration among technical departments, handle vendor communications and support for our data pipeline, create documentation and training programs in support of those efforts, and coordinate the technical side of large multi-vendor integration projects.

Information Security Lead - Kiva Microfunds - June 2014-January 2017
I was hired to create a security program from the ground up as a key member of the operations team. My accomplishments include: rewriting security policy and procedure; creating training programs; managing fraud; implementing both IDM/SSO (Okta) and password vault (LastPass) org-wide; creating data security models across projects and teams; leading documentation improvement initiatives; and enhancing information exchange between departments.

System Administrator - KISS Institute for Practical Robotics (NASA/Ames) - March 2012-May 2014
In the Deployable Autonomy Technologies group at NASA/Ames, my job included providing systems, network, and planning/logistical support both in advance and on-site for diverse field testing situations.

Senior System Administrator - Northern Arizona University - November 2009-June 2011
Handled all enterprise-wide *nix applications at a 26,000 student public university, as part of a 7-member Enterprise Systems team.

System and Network Engineer - Greenpeace International - April 2009-October 2009
Worked with a global team, supporting, updating, and innovating parts of the FLOSS based network

Network Systems Engineer - KIS - January 2008-November 2008
As a consultant for KIS, I worked with a wide variety of educational, governmental, and commercial organizations, including the NASA/Ames Research Center.

Field Systems Engineer - QSS Group/Perot Systems (NASA/Ames) - September 2004-January 2008
This position involved high-pressure innovation and multi-team integration, both in the lab and in remote corners of the world, in extreme conditions and on tight deadlines

System Administrator - Greenpeace International - November 2002-August 2004
I provided mission-critical, 24X7 support and maintenance to ensure the safety and security of Greenpeace's 30+ offices, 3 ships and several hundred mobile activists worldwide.

Technical Analyst - Tripwire, Inc. - March 2001-November 2002

Technical Support/System Administrator - Sedona Online/Arizona Internet - August 1998-January 2001


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Awards and Achievements:

NASA Group Achievement Award; MARTE Project – 2006, DAME Project - 2009
Greenpeace International Board of Information Technology Standards - March 2004 – August 2004
Tripwire Board of Directors High Achievement Award – May 2002